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About Us

In the summer of 1978, Rose received the call to preach while at a revival tent meeting. The guest speaker gave Rose two scriptures, Isaiah 61:1-3 and Luke 4:18.

Several years later in 1993 Rose had a radio ministry with the opening song, "On The Rough Side of The Mountain". The pieces of the puzzle were slowly coming together. Several years after the close of the radio ministry, Rose once again heard the Lord affirm the call to preach the Word.

In 1995 Rose and her husband, Joe, founded Mountain Ministries. It would be several years later, through much trials and adversity, that another piece of the puzzle would fit. Isaiah 52:7 became the foundational scripture, while Isaiah 61:1-3, and Luke 4:18 would be the premise of their ministry.

While at a conference, Rose received a prophetic word concerning deliverance, and the spiritual keys to set the captives free. The deliverance ministry was birth, Mark 16:17, Isaiah 61:1-3 and Luke 4:18 were no longer prophetic words, but the Word became flesh, a tangible reality in their lives.

They desire to see lives transformed by the Word of God––to see people healed, restored and equipped. Revival & Renewal is the heartbeat of this ministry; "To preach the gospel to the poor; to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, to preach the acceptable year of the Lord." Luke 4:18

Rose is the pastor at RoseThorn Community Church in Manitowoc, Wi. Her former pastor and friend, of RoseThorn Community Church, Donna Denor went home to be with the Lord on March 29, 2015. Pastor Donna will be greatly missed.

If you are interested in going through inner healing and deliverance, learning about deliverance and inner healing, having a training seminar or conference in your local area, and would like us to speak or minister, please contact our ministry office by email, website, or phone with your request.

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