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October 2013

Part 4 Free Masonry: Born Again

What is Free Masonry? A beautiful system of morality illustrated by symbols. Our world, our life is full of symbols. We just don’t know their meaning, and therefore we tend to ignore them. However, in spite of our ignorance, they still exist, making our life and our world worth living. Free Masonry is based on symbols. All the ceremonies from the 1st. Degree to the 3rd Degree are full of hidden and not so hidden symbols.   

Let us take for example, the ceremony of the 1st. Degree, the initiation all must take.

Part 3: Master Mason (Acquiring godhood)

In the 3 Degree a candidate become a Master Mason. In this degree there is a ceremony that is very important from the Masonic perspective. Free Masons say they are not a religious organization, however they often quote, and twist the Holy Scriptures in their ceremonies, along with the use of other pagan beliefs.  

The basis for the ceremony of the 3 Degree is a representation of the history of the death of the Masonic Master Hiram Abiff. The Masonic believe that Hiram Abiff is the one mentioned as the King of Tyre and the architect hired by Solomon to help build the temple (1 Kings 5).
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