“Where are the warriors, Lord?” Prophetic Dream
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“Where are the warriors, Lord?” Prophetic Dream


I would like to share a prophetic dream that the Lord gave me a while ago. This dream reveals the condition of many of God’s people. I pray that the revelation, and interpretation of this dream will encourage us to take an honest spiritual inventory of ourselves, and not point the finger at others. May the revelation of this dream prick the hearts of many, and stir within you a deep longing, passion to know Him, and not just to know about Him.In this dream I observed Christians wearing white karate style uniforms, working out. I recognized these Christians as spiritual warriors being trained by the Lord, prepared for the end time spiritual battle. As I drew closer to them, I noticed that their garments were soiled, and not as white as they should be. Some were off-white, others dingy white, grayish white, while others had yellow streaks on their garment. I knew that although they were warriors, their garments were a reflection of their relationship with the Lord. The closer their relationship was to the Lord, the whiter their garments were. I knew by the variance of colors that they were on different levels in their relationship with the Lord.
I observed them working out, perfecting their form and skills. They had been through some battles in their lives, but these battles only strengthened and helped prepare them. Nothing that they had gone through was in vain. This was God’s training camp.
I looked up to see strong beams supporting the building. However there was nothing fancy or elegant about the inside of this building. The building was rather plain or even crude in its design. There were only three walled sides, and the fourth side: the entrance was wide open, and there was no door. The building looked like the inside of a barn or stable, the outside less attractive. I didn’t pay much attention to the structure; it appeared to simply be a covering for His people.
We left there to a beautiful open meadow, rich and green, a place where one would want to live, and settle down. Here I saw much more of His people, but none of them were wearing warrior uniforms. I was troubled in my spirit, knowing quite well that some of these people were suppose to be spiritual warriors. But, they were all wearing black mourning clothes, as if someone they love had died. They were very busy, some carrying groceries, others’ walking to and fro. As I observed them being busy, I noticed they were busy doing nothing. Their black garments puzzled me, for I didn’t have the understanding as yet.
I asked, “Where are the warriors, Lord?” He pointed past the valley afar off into the distance, in the by-ways, highways, culverts, and remote areas. I saw people dressed as the first coming out to be a part of God’s army. I then woke up.
I prayed that the Lord would give me complete understanding of this dream, that I would neither add, or take away from what I have seen and understood.  Throughout the week the Lord gave me flash backs of the dream and the interpretation of what I did see.
He told me the valley that I saw, which was rich and green, appealing to the eye, where one would want to settle down, was the world. Many of these people were consumed by the things of this world, than the things of God. They have settled down and have become quite comfortable with worldly pleasures. Their time is consumed, but not by Him. Some were busy doing a work for Him, instead of allowing Him to do a work in them. This could account for one of the reasons their garments were black.
The other reason why some of the garments are black was because they are mourning the death of Christ. They are honoring a crucified Christ rather than worshipping a resurrected Lord. The victory was not in His death at Calvary, but the victory, the power, is found in His resurrection. They recognized that He died for their sins. They know Him as Savior, but fail to see Him as their Redeemer. That He has truly redeemed us from poverty, sickness, and death. Why can’t they see this? Because their eyes are on themselves; their circumstances, how they feel, what they see, rather than on Him and faith in His Word.
Those coming out of everywhere they had been hidden, the end-time spiritual warriors were dressed as the first. These were not in boot camp. Their garments were white, and their demeanor was different than the first. This is because they had been through the fire. Not only had they been through the fire and fought some battles, as we all have, they had learned how to be victorious. Who are these? They are the last days warriors, who get their orders from the Lord. Who are these? Like the children of Issachar (1Chr. 12:32), they have an understanding of the times and know what the “Church” should do. Who are these? They are the officers and generals, in God’s Army.
The building that looked like a barn or stable on the inside, the Lord said, “This is my Church. I don’t invest in a building, but in my people. Them I desire to adorn with precious jewels, that is pleasing to the eye (Is. 54:11-12).” There was no door on God’s Church, because Jesus said, “I am the Door you must enter into” (John 10:9). We who are the sheep of His fold, entered once into that door to receive Salvation. May we continue to enter in through that Door, to receive the fullness of Christ. 
For they that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits in His name (Dan. 11:32).

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www on Wednesday, July 2, 2014 5:20 AM
The blog was absolutely fantastic! Lots of great information and inspiration. Well done!
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R.A. Vukovich on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 9:16 PM
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