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Books by R.A. Vukovich

The heart and cry of every believer are to fulfill his or her destiny in God. The path to success is paved with twists and turns, obstacles and detours.

Author R.A. Vukovich helps to understand the detours. Masked expresses the hope and insight many in the church are seeking. It will encourage and inspire those who are called to remove the mask, discard the grave clothes, and embrace the truth. 


Are you living with chronic illness or pain? Are you continually in mental or emotional turmoil? Christian families are plagued with trouble and catastrophic problems, and to them, it does not make sense! Could you, your family, and ancestral bloodline be cursed?

The Bible speaks of blessings and curses. R.A. Vukovich exposes the causes that allow curses to enter your life, including generational and personal sin.

This book brings to light the truth about blessings and curses by drawing on God's Word and thru real life experiences. R. A. Vukovich will help you understand the cause of curses—its effect on you and your children.

You will learn how to identify and revoke curses and walk in the covenant blessings.

REDIMIDO De La Maldición

¿Vives en enfermedad crónica o dolor? ¿Estás en constante caos mental o emocional? Las familias cristianas están plagadas de luchas y problemas catastróficos, y para ellos, esto no tiene sentido! ¿Podría usted, su familia y linaje ancestral estar bajo una maldición? La Biblia habla de las bendiciones y las maldiciones.

R. A. Vukovich expone las causas que permiten que las maldiciones al introducir su vida, incluso generacionales y de los pecados personales. Este libro saca a la luz la verdad con respecto a las bendiciones y las maldiciones, y se efecto sobre usted y sus hijos.Usted va a aprender como identificar y revocar maldiciones, y andar en las bendiciones del pacto.

Reviews of book MASKED:

MASKED is one of the best books I've ever read. The author gives God inspired insight, wisdom, and anointed teachings and biblical applications for our lives. I highly recommend this book if you ever asked the question, "Why is this happening to me?"

MASKED is an excellent book that is based on God's word! It recounts many people that we are well acquainted with in the Bible. The author uses true Biblical encounters of that day and the mistakes those people made. The book shows how God uses our human mistakes and weaknesses to bring forth good fruit for His Kingdom.

"MASKED" is a great book if you desire God's directive for your life. This book will encourage, and inspire you. Through a biblical application and scriptural insight, we understand the detours, and how the missing piece of our lives are seamlessly sewed together. Through the book MASKED we realize how God holds the keys and the blueprint for our lives; waiting for us to tap into His will and purposes. writes: MASKED is a story in which words are masterfully manipulated, full of insightful wit, very extensive and in-depth illustration.

A light reading, written from an original point of view, MASKED is a story well told with an effective plot, a trip itself filled with intricate characters. MASKED is a compressed, immediate and well-versed book, is highly recommended, it handles the situations ranging from the merely pedestrian to the truly unusual with a genius approach. By exploring the gray areas, the author’s imagination fills in many gaps thus turning MASKED into a book that provides with excellence, turning the issues raised forever burnt into the minds of the readers. MASKED is full of surprising information, combining observation with data in an easy to follow and even easier to use format making this a book, that provides easy to follow insight on a variety of topics. MASKED drags you by the scruff of the neck, nails you to a seat in the front row and forces you to bear witness, up close and personal to the subject it’s dealing with.

MASKED, extremely well written and accessible, explores something wholly different from our day-to-day experiences. In the search for genius work, MASKED displays the right mixture for a brainy reading making it almost necessary, in its representation of a truly thrilling development alive with possibility. Although thought has been put into this subject before, MASKED deals with a different approach, presents thorough information and it is considered a work of genius. Filled with excitement MASKED, provides readers with an enjoyable tale that hooks the reader from the first page and keeps them interested until all the questions are answered.

About the author:

R.A. Vukovich has been in ministry for over 40 years. She and her husband, Joe, founded Mountain Ministries and published a Christian magazine, Gathering of the Waters. She is a Pastor, Author, and Deliverance Minister—she is available to preach and teach at churches, conferences and women's retreats. Rose carries an apostolic anointing and has a burden for church renewal and revival.

Rose received her MA degree in divinity from Shalom Ministry Bible College and Seminary in West Des Moines, Iowa. She received her BA in sociology with a minor in psychology from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

Rose loves to write and read inspirational Christian books. Rose and Joe currently reside in Horicon, Wisconsin, and have two children, Armando and Dana, and three grandchildren, Marquis, Michael, and Maya.

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