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Spiritual Warfare Conference

RoseThorn Community Church

Saturday, Sept, 22, 2018


Sunday, Sept., 23 @ 10:00AM & 1:00PM

Pastor Tim Thompson

Cost: Free

Training, Ministering & Discipleship

Bible Study and Prayer

1st & 3rd Wednesday

9:00 − 10:30 AM

RoseThorn Community Church

Manitowoc, WI.

Personal Ministry

Rosethorn Community Church

Healing & Deliverance Ministry

Tuesdays & Thursdays afternoon

(By appointment only).

Speaking Engagements

Panama City

Sept. 30 - Oct.9, 2018


Sundays,10:15 A.M

Rosethorn Community Church

1115 South 11th St.,

Manitowoc, WI

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